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"In every moment when I look at our pictures or repeatedly open the box of my beautiful headpiece, I'm reminded of that wonderful day, of the incredibly happy woman I was in those moments.
I remember the excitement that overcame me during the preparation, how, in just a small gray sweater with my hair half-up, I already saw myself as beautiful and adorned by the headpieces even without the wedding dress. I recall the marvelous joy and pride in Adam's eyes when he saw me and how that emotion didn't fade when he later objectively noted how perfectly I found my attire for the wedding.
I remember how sweetly you took care of my mother's accessories. I've always admired her. Every day, I considered her the most elegant woman, someone I look up to, and someone I aspire to be for my child. You showcased and highlighted this charm and elegance with such ease.
I am very, but sincerely very grateful for your work and kindness. Thank you!"

Trangoni Design:

CARA Grande & egyedi TRANGONI kiskalap fülbevalóval

Photos: Pictorial Fotó
Bridal Dress: Diora Salon

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