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TRANGONI® - self expression with style


by Lilla and Marta Bartfai

We launched TRANGONI as a brand in November 2015. Through our work on fiber art and costume design we witnessed the profound changes women go through when wearing fine pieces of jewelry and other accessories that are in perfect harmony with their inner self. What a more perfect occasion for such self-expression for a woman than a wedding! Hence TRANGONI was born….


TRANGONI represents the artistic fleur and talent as a family heritage. We, a mother-and-daughter designer duo, have inherited many arts and crafts talents from our ancestors. The one that stands out among them is the intarsia master Viktor Trangoni. Born in Italy and migrated to Hungary in the late 1860’s, he was a real self-made man whose creative charm and quality craftsmanship still inspires the work behind TRANGONI.


Viktor Trangoni once said about himself proudly, "My name is a brand!". Now, more than a century later, that brand came to life.


Our headpieces have their own character, fleur and beauty, so we carefully choose a fitting female name for each. The story of Viktor Trangoni, with his passion for life and admiration of women, thus lives on in our creations. We’ll find or create the best headpiece for you so you can continue and shape these stories yourself!

What makes TRANGONI headpieces and accessories truly unique is that they are born in the melting pot of two worlds. Marta, a textile designer, knows the secrets of fabrics, colors and textures. She creatively mixes new structures with traditional elements that defines her unique signature for TRANGONI headpieces. Lilla, a costume designer, is the master of stylish appearance. She designs pieces that are not only beautiful themselves, but are also in perfect harmony with the overall look, giving the special touch to the wearer’s personality.

The unique synergy of these two different mindsets and professional skills produce true pieces of art, which define what TRANGONI is. Their mastery of materials and techniques covers an extremely broad area ranging from traditional millinery crafts as silk flowers and French beading to cutting edge 3D printing technologies. Timeless and trendy pieces emerge as tradition and innovation are interwoven in a delicate balance.

TRANGONI® now means stylish self expression to many of us.

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