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Our Story

TRANGONI is more than just a brand; it's a rich family heritage expressed through design and craftsmanship. The namesake of the brand, Viktor Trangoni, was Lilla's great-great-grandfather, a master of furniture making known for his intricate wood inlays and fine jewelry boxes. The Trangoni family immigrated to Hungary from Italy, and Viktor, a passionate lover of life and beauty, took pride in his creations.


"My name, a brand!" he used to say, proud of his work. His vision lives on in the TRANGONI brand, which has come to life four generations later through the artistic creations of the mother-daughter design duo, Márta and Lilla. Both reflect an international background and Hungarian traditions in their aesthetic and approach.

The brand was founded in 2017, but even before that, they had designed headdresses for numerous projects. Collaborating on theater designs revealed how fruitful their partnership could be despite their diverse interests and professional backgrounds.

Márta, a textile designer and artist, graduated in New Zealand. For her, the cultures of European and indigenous peoples, the dialogue between different materials and shades, various craft techniques, and the possibilities and boundaries of traditional and innovative applications serve as inspiration.

Lilla began her studies in New Zealand and later graduated as a set designer in Hungary, with studies in costume and jewelry design. Her professional approach is shaped by her operational and workshop experience in the international film industry. She masters the art of expression through accessories and harmonizing outfits with individual character. She views herself simultaneously as a designer, creator, and stylist, bringing her unique perspective to each task.


Each creation in the TRANGONI Atelier is crafted with meticulous care and professional dedication. The designers' different talents, professional experiences, and generational perspectives result in a unique aesthetic that harmoniously blends tradition and innovation.

Combining textile art, millinery techniques, and traditional jewelry making, TRANGONI offers a wide range of head accessories, from earrings to couture hats.

In addition to its sophisticated creations, TRANGONI stands out among other brands with its full-service approach. It assists in choosing the perfect accessory tailored to the outfit with personalized design and style advice in the world of creativity, at the TRANGONI Atelier.

Our most rewarding moment is when the bride
finds the perfect headpiece during fitting,
and her face lights up with delight.

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