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Trangoni Atelier

In the heart of Andrássy Avenue, within one of the iconic buildings of the palace quartet that is part of UNESCO's cultural World Heritage, lies the TRANGONI atelier. Through the quiet entrance on Benczúr Street, just a few steps away from the hustle and bustle, visitors enter our creative haven. It stands as a unique home for the world of art, design and craftsmanship, embodying a special blend of aesthetics and functionality. Every detail within was envisioned by TRANGONI designers Marta and Lilla, with the same meticulous care they breathe into their creations.


The interior blends timeless elegance with contemporary aesthetics and spirit, showcasing a synergy of tradition and innovation. Each furniture piece, element as well as colors and surfaces contribute to the narrative while every artwork, furniture item, and utility object carries a personal message symbolizing the designer's creativity.


Márta and Lilla invite visitors to a unique experience, a journey that spatially represents this incomparable phase of life. In the welcoming space of the atelier, guests bring their ideas and dreams. Some may have envisioned their bridal look since childhood, while others eagerly await the unique TRANGONI experience for inspiration.

The fitting area is a unique space within the atelier embodying its distinctive ambiance and the divine vision of TRANGONI. Stunning glass artworks by painter Zoltán Krizsán depicting symbolism related to individual life journeys add to the awe-inspiring atmosphere.


The raw beauty of brick walls combined with the reflections of mirror paintings creates a sublime, unconventional experience where each visitor's personal story can come to life alongside our creations. Embraced by mirrored paintings, you have the opportunity to try on headpieces and jewelry that best suit the occasion, your personality, and attire. 


Guided by the modern Renaissance wall murals, you embark on a journey of self-discovery while we assist in crafting your unique appearance during the consultation. Here, you can discover your "inner goddess," the bridal look that resonates most with you - an elevated embodiment of your authentic self.

The main wall mural painting marks a significant milestone in the individual journey – a mirrored gateway where we arrive from our families and enter a new phase of our life. To the left of this focal wall is the TRANGONI vanity table and mirror where the fitting takes place. Besides its main purpose of helping the selection of the perfect headpiece, this mirrored painting serves as an initiation, drawing viewers into the artistic experience. In its mirrored background, a large artwork reflects the dynamic harmony of individual life paths, written in the clouds, symbolizing cosmic possibilities and creativity we all partake in throughout our lives.


The artistic flair of the space is enhanced by hand-blown glass chandeliers, custom wrought-iron works, and exquisite details by master artisans complemented by European and domestic design furniture. All this, in harmony with bespoke furniture designed by Trangoni, transforms the atelier into a sanctuary of artistry and design.

The gallery's modern Art Deco wrought-iron railing and other furniture elements are the creations of master blacksmith Gábor Szombathy, a world-class representative of traditional craftsmanship. Gabor designed and crafted his works with a delicate touch that pushes the boundaries of the material. In line with the heavenly concept, a design reminiscent of the strings of a musical instrument emerged, brass and iron elements symbolizing the metamorphosis of marriage, the union of two souls.


The atelier not only displays jewelry but also serves as a creative workshop where our designs come to life. With a commitment to preserving culture, we provide platforms for exhibiting our work, paying homage to traditions, and ensuring the excellence of our creations.

Designed to embrace both tradition and innovation, our studio embodies our dedication to cultural sustainability.


As reflected in our brand philosophy, the atelier embodies a commitment to meticulous design, the finest materials, exceptional attention to detail, and the fusion of uniqueness with timelessness, allowing art to soar to heavenly heights.

While you can immerse yourself in the world of TRANGONI headpieces through our website, those envisioning life's significant moments through our creations are warmly welcome to the atelier.

Step into the enchanting world of Heavenly Headpieces. Our atelier awaits, where each piece tells its own story, waiting for you to make it a part of yours.

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