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  • Where is the TRANGONI Atelier?
    The TRANGONI Atelier is located in one of the four architectural marvels of Kodaly Circus (Kodály körönd), situated right on the UNESCO World Heritage Site of Andrassy Avenue in Budapest, Hungary. The street address is 2 Benczur Street, Budapest, H-1068. Doorbell no. 42. The atelier is conveniently accessible by public transport, as well as alternative urban modes of transportation such as bike and e-scooter sharing. If you're driving, street parking is also available for a fee. For further information, please visit the TRANGONI Atelier.
  • What are the opening hours of the TRANGONI Atelier?
    You can visit the TRANGONI Atelier by appointment only. Visit our Appointments page to book an appointment.
  • Can I purchase TRANGONI headpieces from the online shop?
    We market our headpieces through salon services, not through an online shop. Since each headpiece is tailored to the bride's needs and personality, consultation is crucial for selection and ordering, and it can be conducted online in case of geographical constraints. The delivery of custom-made jewelry, based on the discussed preferences, can be arranged in person or through shipping.
  • Do you ship headpieces abroad?
    Yes. As each of our headdresses is custom-made, we typically get to know the ideas of the brides who approach us through correspondence before making a purchase. Additionally, we find online consultations helpful for the selection and ordering process. The delivery of custom-made jewelry, based on the discussed preferences, is done through shipping. Of course, if there is an opportunity for a personal meeting, we would be delighted to welcome our international brides at the TRANGONI Atelier.
  • How far in advance should I order the headpiece before the wedding?
    It's crucial to express your interest as soon as possible, as this allows us a better chance to assist you. We recommend selecting your dream headpiece at least 2-3 months before the planned wedding date, but ideally even earlier if possible. We understand that this might not always be feasible due to dress choices or other factors. In such cases, we strive to help as much as possible; we can recommend headpieces from our inventory even at the last moment.
  • Can I purchase a headpiece at the “last moment”?
    In such cases, we endeavor to assist within the realm of possibilities. In the display area of our Atelier, we welcome brides with about 50-100 creations, providing a selection for those seeking a last-minute acquisition.
  • Is it possible to borrow TRANGONI headpieces?
    We are unable to provide lending options for private use. However, for occasions that align with our brand's profile and entail a distinctive appearance, such as photo shoots, film productions, or exhibitions, we are open to collaboration of this nature within defined parameters.

Frequently Asked Questions

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