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TAG - The Art of Giving

The idea of a charity photography art workshop was born in the mind and soul of Csaba Vámos, where participating photographers not only expand their professional knowledge, experience, and artistic portfolio but also support an important cause by paying the participation fee to a charitable purpose.

The beneficiary of this charity photography event was the Burns Unit of Bethesda Children's Hospital in Budapest. The specific goal was to raise funds for a special examination bed -- costing HUF 2 million -- to aid in the healing of children with serious burns.

In this post, we provide insight into the artistic concept of the TAG workshop.

TRANGONI contributed to the success of this project not only through the creation of unique clothing accessories and jewelry but also through artistic leadership. As a costume and set designer, Lilla carefully crafted visuals and styling tailored to the project's model and location, enabling participants to create artistic photo material during the workshop.

Noémi Pásztor, the model for the event, was the muse of this photoshoot. Her timeless elegance and natural kindness were truly refreshing in the loud world of social media. Additionally, her life journey, composure, and commitment to charity are truly inspiring. The visuals and styling for the event were designed to suit her personality and style and the artistic and creative spaces of the Aria Hotel provided a unique backdrop for this photoshoot.

Noémi's first appearance was a chic, doll-like look, dedicated to the beneficiaries of this TAG workshop, the children. The playful yet elegant look with Rami Weddings' pearl-shimmering, giant bow mini dress, and TRANGONI's oversized Swarovski pearl accessories, along with many pearl-shimmering balloons, created a playful, yet elegant look. The workshop started on the Sky Bar terrace, rising above the city in the early morning light, with balloons ascending into the air like a collective wish to reach as many people as possible with this initiative.

The balloons scattered on the glass ceiling of the Aria Hotel atrium, were like pearls floating in water, symbolizing the discovery of true values, "true pearls".

Noémi's second appearance was in a black-and-white outfit adorned with an oversized handcrafted silk flower. This attire, composed of elements from the business world and wedding couture, signifies the fruitful collaboration between these two areas. The poetic skirt is from the Nagy Ágota Collection. In this appearance, TRANGONI's giant silk flower symbolizes care, support, and growth. This outfit also complemented the musical concept and aesthetics of the world-class interior design of the Aria Hotel.

Noémi personally selected the third appearance, a white wedding look, out of the offered white sets. This look embodies the ultimate French-girl aesthetic with a delicate dress by Nagy Ágota styled with a belt and gloves, paired with a lightweight bespoke TRANGONI hat. The fineness of this look with delicate materials and a combination of see-through and opaque details was also a great a study for the workshop participants in capturing the musical mood hidden in the movement of fine fabrics. Among the accessories, the hat had the most pronounced character-forming power. The message conveyed by the bridal hat worn in this appearance was as strong a statement as the clean white velvet hat worn for the closing look.

The closing appearance, compiled in the spirit of classic elegance, suited Noémi so well as if she had arrived for the photoshoot in this outfit. Street photos and arrival/departure settings allowed photographers to enrich their portfolios with storytelling images.

Throughout the workshop, it became evident to every participant what we already knew well before the event: that Noémi is truly an ambassador of beauty and kindness. We are grateful to her and to everyone who supports The Art of Giving initiative to the best of their abilities.

We hope there will be more charity events like this, and together we can once again team up for a good cause.

If you also appreciate this initiative and would like to express it with a donation, you can do so via the following link:

Be sure to write in the comments field: The Art of Giving.


This project would not have been possible without the following contributors:

Model: Noémi Pásztor ( TikTok: @noemipasztor, Instagram: @itsnoemipasztor )

Leading photographer and project concept: Csaba Vámos, Vamos Wedding Photography

Professional partner: Nikon Hungary

Art direction, styling and accessories: TRANGONI

Lace dress and large tulle skirt: NAGY ÁGOTA COLLECTION

Mini dress: RAMI Wedding Dress

Location: Aria Hotel Budapest

Balloons: The Balloon Budapest


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