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"When I was envisioning my wedding, long before the proposal, and beyond the wonderful husband, there were two things I was certain about. One of them was that I wouldn't get married without a TRANGONI headpiece. I would say that this headpiece was my favorite accessory, but it was so much more. Thank you for the infinite attention and patience I received. You not only create simply marvelous jewelry but also provide a luxurious service with passion, dedication, and professionalism. You see the beauty in everyone, and with your expertise, you influence the decision just enough for everyone to leave with the piece that suits them the most. In the nearly 28 years of my life, I learned more about my head shape in the brief hour I spent with you than ever before. Thank you very, very much once again. I'm glad I got to know you!"

Trangoni Design:

Photos: Walla Ádám - Kivonatok
Gown: Daalarna

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